Frequently Asked Questions


Do you plan to support other OS’s than Windows?

Currently dotSetup is a Windows Only installer. Although .NET framework is already available for many other Operating Systems, in our opinion it makes sense to support additional OS’s only when these frameworks are widely available or preinstalled on a majority of devices.

What versions of Windows dotSetup supports?

dotSetup can run on Windows 7 or higher. Depending on the application developers can limit the OS version their software supports.

Is it really free, even for commercial use?

Yes! it may be used and modified free of charge, even in commercial applications. However if you wish to show your appreciation and support its development you can make a donation.

What about the license?

dotSetup is available under the MIT license, you can view it here.

How do you handle User Privacy?

Privacy is super important. And we believe the best way to approach Privacy is open source. dotSetup is completely transparent and respectful to user privacy.

What if the user doesn’t have .NET installed?

According to various sources as of Jun 2020 .NETv4.0 and higher installed on 99%+ of Windows PC's.

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